Staff Directory

Early Childhood Classroom Teachers
Ms. Patty Hall
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Ms. Elvia Rodriguez
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Lower Elementary Classroom Teachers
Ms. Holly Barker
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Ms. Elisa Busby
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Ms. Rebecca Carreon
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Ms. Eva Muñoz
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Mr. David Richter
K-2 Autism Program
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Ms. Christina Romero
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Mr. Sixto Valdez
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Upper Elementary Classroom Teachers
Ms. Chloe de Masi
4th & 5th Grade
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Mr. Dominic Evans
5th Grade
Middle School GATE Resource Teacher
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Ms. Isabel Morales
4th Grade
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Ms. Tammy Weiss
3rd-5th Grade Autism Program
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Middle School Classroom Teachers
Ms. Sarah Berry
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Ms. Kristen Bury
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Mr. Eric Flewelling
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Mr. José Haro
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Ms. Amara Lauren
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Ms. Jenny Russell
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Academic Resource Staff
Ms. Amanda Limón
Music Teacher
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Ms. Lucy Tapia
English Language Development Resource Teacher
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Ms. Dara Carlson
Montessori Lead Teacher
Middle School
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Ms. Adriana Manrique
Montessori Lead Teacher
Reading Interventionist
Family Engagement Liaison
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Ms. Kathy Nye
Montessori Lead Teacher
Lower Elementary
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General Education Teaching Assistants
Ms. Teresa Altamirano
Ms. Danielle Coleman
Ms. Marisa Gonzalez
Ms. Amanda Laub
Ms. Dora Martinez
Ms. Josie Martinez
Ms. Oceana Pos
Mr. Michael Price
Ms. Bushra Qureshi
Exceptional Education Resource Staff
Ms. Anita Cole
Exceptional Education Teacher
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Ms. Katie Scott
Exceptional Education Teacher
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Ms. Krystal Enriquez
MTSS Facilitator
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Ms. Renee Murrieta
School Psychologist
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Mr. Jason Miller
Speech and Language Pathologist
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Ms. Brianna Jordan
Physical Therapist
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Ms. Lynn Urban
Occupational Therapist
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Exceptional Education Teaching Assistants
Ms. Susan Calhoun
Ms. Julie Frontroth
Ms. Morola Ososipe
Ms. Kym Soto
Administrative and Student Support Staff
Mr. Paul Padia
School Counselor
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Mr. Scott Baglione
Montessori Behavior Specialist
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Ms. Wendy Gordon Weeks
Magnet Site Coordinator
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Ms. Lily Krishniah
Office Manager
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Ms. Eva Cardenas
Attendance and Registration
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Ms. Josie Moreno Hoeffner
Library Assistant
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Ms. Kim Fenderson
School Nurse
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Ms. Elaine Cota-Robles
Health Assistant
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Ms. Alice Peña
Lead Monitor

Mr. Chuy Yucupicio

Ms. Crystal Armenta