Magnet Program

Drachman uses Montessori curricular materials from the North American Montessori Center (NAMC) in our classrooms. Our teachers receive Montessori training to follow the curriculum through instruction provided by the school’s principal/director (AMS trained), a Montessori consultant (AMS trained), and during teacher learning groups. For more information on the curricular materials from NAMC, please click below:

Classroom Guide  NAMC Montessori Classroom Guides

Kindergarten  Kindergarten Curriculum

Lower Elementary  Lower Elementary (1st-3rd) Curriculum

Upper Elementary  Upper Elementary (4th-6th) Curriculum

Our Middle School Program is following the American Montessori Society model, as described in this document.
About Montessori
The following links provide detailed information about the history, materials, and overall benefits of Montessori education as written by the American Montessori Society.
Understanding Montessori