Gifted and Talented

GATE at Drachman Montessori
Drachman Montessori Magnet School is a GATE Cluster Program school. We have GATE pull out services for 1st -5th grade qualifying students, an open access middle school GATE elective class and GATE trained classroom teachers. Drachman recognizes that gifted students have unique educational needs that we meet by teaching the “whole child” through Montessori units and GATE thinking strategies. All students benefit from gifted instructional strategies, expanded content and critical thinking skills development. In a Cluster Program, gifted students are “clustered” together in classrooms that have gifted endorsed teachers and open access students. They explore broad-based issues and themes in a diverse setting with multicultural contexts. We are proud to offer these GATE services and are happy to answer any questions you might have. For questions, please contact Ms. Katinas.